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Habilitas was created in 2007 with the aim to contribute to the development of adults education. Habilitas delivers professional adult training and counseling services in social, psychological and educational projects and programs. In present time, Habilitas is authorized by the National Authority of Qualifications to deliver professional training for the qualification “Home caregiver for elderly” and to issue qualification certificates, EU available. Habilitas is continuously developing training programs for elderly home care workers, according to their identified needs (improving practice, communications skills, improvement of personal skills, respecting elderly rights, identifying and preventing elder abuse) and works in projects focused on ageing, elderly involvement in the community, elder abuse prevention and combating, improving public policies in the field of ageing and professional training.

Habilitas is partner in several EU funded projects such as:

Contact address: Habilitas Association – Resource and Training Center,
Bd. 1 Mai no. 27, Bl. C7, Sc. B, Ap. 46,
Sector 6, Bucharest,
Phone: (+40) 021 440 11 48
E-mail : asoc.habilitas@yahoo.com
Contact person: Ioana Caciula
Phone: (+40) 0757 022 382
Email: ioanacaciula@yahoo.com