Romanian Alzheimer Society, founded in 1992, is a humanitarian organization, non-governmental, non-profit organization, initiated by qualified medical personnel: doctors, nurses, medical students, psychologists, social workers. Patients and family members have joined gradually.

Consistent with the statute and name, Romanian Alzheimer Society works in the community, social and medical assistance to the elderly. Romanian Alzheimer Society’s goals are to direct intervene at Community level, mediating the relationship patient-family-society and to create modern systems of care and assistance for the elderly with mental disorders, especially neurodegenerative type. In 20 years, it became a partner of professionals, patients and family members, of structures at community level, with an intense activity in the field of information and education, early diagnosis and interventions at community level.

Contact address: Romanian Alzheimer Society,
Str. Austrului nr. 52
024072 Bucharest
Phone: (+40) 0213348940
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Contact person: Maria Moglan
Phone : (+40)0726966122