The University of Lodz (ULO) was founded in 1945 and today it is one of the biggest Polish universities with 12 faculties and enrolment of about 43 000 students. The University of Lodz offers 33 degree graduate programs and 134 specializations. A wide selection of PhD programs is also available along with 90 postgraduate studies, including MBA studies. The University has a long experience in the implementation of international research projects (FP6, FP7) and educational projects (LLP, Mundus, Tempus, Health) both as a coordinator and partner.

Within the ELMI project two departments are involved: the Department of Andragogy and Social Gerontology and the International Educational Projects Office. Department of Andragogy and Social Gerontology is a part of the Faculty of Educational Sciences. The main areas of its research are andragogy (lifelong learning, adult didactics, adult learning theories, adult development theories, the biographicalmethod in adult education research, unemployment, etc.,) social gerontology (theories of aging, lifestyles in old age, age management, 50+, meaning of life, mentoring, etc.) and geragogy (education for old age, models of education, Third Age University, the biographicalmethod in geragogy research, etc.). The Department efficiently cooperates with organizations from other countries conducting mutual scientific research, concluding agreements on cooperation, participating in international conferences and publishing common works.

The International Educational Projects Office is a special unit that supports ULO’s academicians in conducting international projects.

Contact address: University of Lodz, Department of Andragogy and Social Gerontology,
Pomorska Street 46/48,
Building B, Room 212,
91-408 Lodz,
Phone: (+48) 42-665-50-85
Fax: (+48) 42-665-50-95
Contact person: Marcin Gońda
Phone: (+48) 42-635-47-52